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Mr. Menu Recommends: Shreveport Sewing Center

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If you love to sew, embroider, quilt or serge, or want to learn how to master any of these skills, Mr. Menu is pleased to recommend to you our friend and advertiser ‘Shreveport Sewing Center’.

For more than 50 years, the experts at Shreveport Sewing Center have helped foster a creative community of crafters who come from near and far to purchase high-quality machines and to learn how to use those machines through classes, clubs and special projects. Folks come to Shreveport Sewing Center to share ideas, learn new skills and sometimes just to enjoy each other’s company.

Devoted to all things sewing, Shreveport Sewing Center offers:

  • A wide range of mechanized and computerized machines for sewing, embroidering, quilting and serging.
  • Machine tune-ups, repairs and adjustments
  • Classes for beginners, intermediates, and BabyLock owners
  • Custom embroidery


Shreveport Sewing Center sewing center is an official Baby Lock dealer, offering a variety of mechanized and computerized machines for sewing, embroidering, quilting and serging.

If you aren’t sure which machine is right for your budget, skill level or project, just ask the experts at Shreveport Sewing Center. They will help you choose the right machine to fit your needs. Plus, the Center offers free training on the machine for original owners.

Tune-ups, Repairs and Adjustments

No matter how great a machine works, every once in a while it needs a little bit of tender loving care. That’s what the technicians at Shreveport Sewing Center will do for your machine. If your machine just doesn’t feel right, if it’s been sitting awhile and you want to make sure it’s in tip-top shape before you start a project, or if it’s just gone kaput, the folks at Shreveport Sewing Center will get it up and running for you.

In fact, right now Shreveport Sewing Center is offering an online coupon for a tune-up. Save $20 on a tune-up for a mechanical sewing machine, and save $10.00 on a tune-up for a computerized or embroidery machine. Print your coupon at

Need Custom Embroidery?

You don’t have to own a machine to have a custom project. The folks at Shreveport Sewing Center have a wide variety of designs and monogram styles and will help you choose just the right one to give your project that special personal touch.

Go Back To School

Shreveport Sewing Center knows your machine is nothing to you if you don’t know how to use it to its fullest capacity. That’s why the Center offers a number of classes to get you going and keep you growing in your skills.

Classes are offered for beginners, intermediates and children. They also offer online classes, free clubs for Embroiderers and BabyLock owners, and a ‘Block of the Month Club’ for quilters.

Be sure to visit our friends at Shreveport Sewing Center …. and tell them Mr. Menu sent you!

Shreveport Sewing Center

645 Bert Kouns

Shreveport, LA  71118